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New Member Shop Walkthrough

Point out locations of/give note to:

  • Rooms and what they are used for and associated hazards.
  • Hazard and Safety Placards and Procedures
  • Location and Types of Safety Gear and their usage.
  • Location of Material Safety Data Sheets & Manuals for Equipment (File cabinet in foyer)
  • Safety Alarms (have them press test buttons so they know what each alarm sounds like):
    • One Smoke Detector in Kitchen.
    • One Carbon Monoxide on top of Fridge.
  • First Aid Kit
    • One in the foyer.
    • On the door in the textile room
  • Phone Locations, and !alert functionality.
    • Advise new members to keep a cell phone on them as a backup in case they must call for an emergency.
    • Let them know about the IRC !alert function.
  • Fire Escapes and Exit operation
  • Fire Extinguishers, have them confirm they know how to operate and check condition (full/empty):
    • Three in Garage Area; On top of the laser cutter, to the left of the textile room, and to the right of the blue door.
    • One in Loft above Garage Area by dirty sink.
    • One in Kitchen by stove.
    • One in Office Lounge on the windowsill.
  • Shop Exit Checklist
    • Check before leaving if you are last. Or if you are leaving someone as the last, tag them.
    • They need to turn off the office TV, and big fan/laser.
    • Turn off lights: Foyer, show, textiles, fab lab, woodshop, mezzanine.
  • Cleaning gear.
  • Show new members how to operate:
    • Heater/AC
    • Front Door
    • Garage Doors
    • Light Switches indoor and outdoor.
  • Storage, Equipment & Tool Locations
    • Show the no-store zone.
    • State where transient projects are being stationed and what is going on with them.
    • State what equipment is free use and what equipment requires that you speak to the owner before use due to hazards or special training required.
  • Whiteboard and Space Usage Etiquette.
    • Photograph the white board if you want to keep it, do not let your writings stay out more than a week. Others need to use it too.
    • Clean up after yourself. If you must leave something out, please label it thusly.
  • Kitchen and food rules.