Facilities/Task Checklist Month

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Task Signed Off By Task Signed Off By
Purge air compressor tanks
  • Make sure to get all air compressors
  • Purge water into a cup and dispose
Verify membership status of member storage spaces
  • Spaces should only be claimed by current members
  • Unclaimed spaces should be empty
Mow grass (Summer) Check workspaces/tables for cleanliness
Check Fablab AC drain/pump
  • In tool area behind fablab
  • Notify facilities committee of leaks/puddles
Check light bulbs
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Notify facilities committee of burned out bulbs
Check for leaks/moisture in bathrooms/kitchen Check fire extinguishers
Check/organize hackables Check/empty dust collector
Test smoke alarms
  • lol
Check quantity of membership applications and blank waivers
  • in office cabinet binder
Check air filters (office AC, office filter, fablab AC) Check/clean kitchen oven
Thoroughly clean kitchen countertops Check kitchen disposal
Dust/clean spiderwebs in door'ed areas Check/verify first aid kits
Thoroughly clean the fridge