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Notes on the 5Pts Shop

The 5pts shop including the loft is 4012 sqft (costing $850/mo). 1st Floor is 2660 sqft, Loft is 1352 sqft. It is larger than our current shop. It could eat our shop and still have room.

There is A/C and heat in the office. There is a small kitchen area. 2 bathrooms. There is also a sink in the loft. One of the bathrooms has a shower. There is no A/C/ heating unit in the actual warehouse area. But the current tenant says he was using a kerosene heater. We may be able to even negotiate this issue. Another con is a lack of insulation which could offset the savings in rent, but we can get a history of utility bills to assess that. (Note: Spacefelix; landlord stated on 4/19 tour that the office area was insulated to at least R-19, but the garage area was uninsulated)

  • 4/19/11
    • Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, 4/19/11) we will be meeting at the current shop, at 6:30 pm, to take a field trip to the newly proposed shop (414 Stevens Ave, Huntsville, AL 35801, Yellowish Warehouse on the corner of Schiffmann and Stevens). Afterwards there will be a vote. I want to personally encourage everyone to come out and see the new place, as I feel the pictures don't really do it justice. This is something that has to happen rather quickly. There is a meeting Wednesday afternoon 4/20/11 with our current landlord and we need to know how people feel. There will also be a short discussion after the vote, if this passes, to determine if there is any kind of sweet-spot-deal to stay where we are. That is, if the current landlord wants to negotiate much lower than what we are paying now.
    • Vote passed unanimously in favor of 414 Stevens Ave. Planned out moving procedure, lease, logistics, etc. on Move Page.
  • 4/9/11
    • Previously did a field trip on 4/9. General assessment was that there would be work required to repair the driveway, loft structure and general cleanup. But otherwise, the bigger space and lower cost was a plus.

Functionality Page for 5Pts Shop.

Directions to 5 Points Workshop

  • From 565 (going East or West) exit to Oakwood Avenue.
  • Turn South to Andrew Jackson Way (intersects Oakwood immediately East of intersection of 565 and Oakwood).
  • Turn West to Stevens Ave.
  • Arrive at intersection of Schiffmann and Stevens.

Photographs of Shop

Financial Analysis

203 Brown Street Shop - Cost per Month Analysis

  • Based on Bills in 2010, Average Per Month Consumption:
    • $5.29 in water
    • $61.85 in gas
    • $105.87 in electricity
    • $70.49 in cable/internet
    • $27.08 in insurance
    • $270 is Total per Month, (rounded from $270.58)

5 Points Shop - Cost per Month Analysis/Estimates

  • Assume all utilities to operate the entire office area and run the garage area lights are the same. Carry over the cable/internet and insurance costs. Do not carry the gas as the shop has now gas heater. This is based on the assumption that the same work that goes on/same gear that is in the Office and Garage Areas of the shop is the same as what happens/was used at 203 Brown St's Main Room (except for the heater). Therefore, electrical consumption is the same except for additional equipment to cool and heat the uninsulated garage area such as a vent fan (700 watts) or personal space heaters (~1500 watts per person, assuming 3 people inside the garage in the winter) for 36 hours out of the week. This gives:
    • $10.58 in water <- Double since shop has two bathtubs/showers
    • $105.87 in electricity
    • $70.49 in cable/internet
    • $27.08 in insurance
    • $43.50 in garage conditioning
      • ~$75/mo heating in the winter (6 months out of the year).
      • ~$12/mo cooling in the summer (6 months out of the year).
    • $260 is Total per Month, (rounded from $257.52) <- It's pretty similar to 203 Brown Street, so it would be safe to assume that 203 Brown Street and 5 Points Shops both have the same operating costs.