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Born On:
16 March 2007
Last Updated:
28 July 2009


I want a digital SLR camera that somehow reads from the CCD multiple times in one exposure in order to obtain a bracketed shot without needing a tripod or supernaturally steady hand. Possibly, these images could then be combined automatically into a single HDR image before storage to the memory card.


  • I lack the knowledge to do this kind of hardware myself.
  • Finding parts, especially CCDs, is difficult without just buying entire digital cameras and disecting them.
    • Consequently, documentation may be scarce as well.
  • The exposure information on a CCD actually moves across the CCD as it is read, causing continuous exposure and reading difficult.
    • There must be some sort of a reasonable solution or workaround to this problem.

The CCD Problem

The way a CCD works makes it difficult to read from it at the same time that it is being exposed. Here, I will start a list of possible solutions that should be researched.

  • Close the shutter when reading from the CCD and then somehow feed the information back out to the CCD again before reopening the shutter again. This should allow for simulated continuous exposure since each exposure after the first is just "added on" to all the previous exposures.
    • May suffer from accuracy problems.
    • Probably will take more time per shot since the shutter has to open and close multiple times.
  • Use a CMOS instead of a CCD.
    • Significantly more noise.
    • Not even sure if this is a solution. It's just a place to look for answers.