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Jake McArthur
My Wiki Contributions
Freenode: jmcarthur


Project Name Description Status
Airzooka Air pocket shooter Researching
Grammatical evolution engine Similar to genetic programming, but generates syntactically correct code in any language. Replaces GED. Researching
Contribution Distributed version control with a focus on barrier-free collaboration Researching
GED See Grammatical evolution engine Retired
Verse A programming language designed specifically for embedded domain-specific languages Retired
HDR digital camera Incremental exposures with only one shutter release Retired


I'm just getting back into things here. Here a few things I'm going to have to fill in details for later:

  • functional reactive programming research (experimenting)
  • gift economy web site (researching)
  • a modular system monitoring/reporting daemon (some day)
  • something inspired by mechanical lamps (soon)
  • gigantic "airzooka" (researching)
  • evil network sniffing and attacking tool, simple enough for a layman to use (some day)