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Like a scavenger hunt, but with hacking.



The Plan

Hold an online or semi-offline hacker challenge between hackerspaces. The idea would be to have clues to the next hunt item secured away on a computer or physical device. Hackerspaces would have to hack into them to get the data on their next objective. The first to complete the hunt wins. To keep the competition going if people get stuck, each objective would release their data after a certain amount of time. This way, the teams that successfully hack the item gain a time advantage. To make the competition fun and easy, it ought to be set to last only a day or two (24-48 hours). It can be done either online on a VPN or as a hackerspace meetup event to allow physical locations to be used as items.

Not recommended to be done over a public network or we could end up knocking on a stranger's door (!!!).


  • No Physical Breakage
  • No Physical Harm
  • No Outside/Hired Help
  • No Accessing Outside of the hunt's boundaries, hunt is isolated to the VPN.
  • Hackers may use whatever tools they want for hacking, covering their tracks, spoofing/giving false data and spying.