Instructables Build Night/June 2013

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Event Information

  • Name: June 2013 Instructables Build Night - 3D Printing with 123D & Tinkercad
  • Organizer: tylercrumpton
  • Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2013
  • Time: 1PM - 10PM
  • Location: The shop
  • Cost to Attend: $0 (bring a computer/laptop to use for modeling if you've got one!)


This Build Night will be slightly different from the previous one in terms of what is expected. The event will be spent playing with different CAD and 3D-Modeling software (the Autodesk 123D suite and Tinkercad), and we'll make a collection of 3D models to post to a gallery on Instructables. Instructables will provide us with $150 worth of printing credit at Shapeways for us to bring some of our models to life! We will then make at least two new Instructables utilizing the models we made or the prints we received from Shapeways. In short, we're expected to:

  • Post all the models made on Build Night within twos days of the event, and
  • Publish two Instructables based on models made at the event.


Project Name Description Creator Instructables Link
iPhone Tripod Mount Case Designed a simple 3D-printed case that allows you to mount an iPhone to a tripod or steadycam! tylercrumpton TBA
Mech Sim Scale Model Designed on 123D Design on an iPad2. Scale model for the mech cockpit simulator. RAMGarden Link


If you come up with some sweet ideas for projects, throw them here so someone who needs some inspiration can see!

  • Make a LEGO mini-figure of yourself by using 123D Catch
  • Bitcoin piggy bank
    • Put a private key inside a 3D printed object, so you have to break it open to get to it
  • Custom LEGO pieces using 3D-printing and laser-cutting
  • Turn yourself into a bobble-head with 123D Catch
  • 3D-printed robot arm/claw parts
  • Experiment with Shapeways's new flexible Elasto-Plastic
  • Create a scale model of a project before building the full size one: Mech Cockpit Simulator



  • June 8 2013, 1:00pm - 11:00pm: June Instructables Build Night