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Preparing for first event
Born On:
22:23, 5 May 2013 (CDT)
Last Updated:
08:21, 17 July 2013 (CDT)


Instructables is sponsoring monthly “Build Nights” at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the country. May is their first build month and they would love to have Makers Local 256 to participate. They will set us up with materials (e.g. May 2013 is bare conductive paint) and pizza - in exchange we will post new Instructables based on work done during the Build Night. They will even provide publicity for the event, including geo-targeted ads on Instructables.



Instructables will help us spread the word and reach out to possible new members! Every space that participates will get:

  • Geo-targeted ads on Instructables for Makers Local 256 and this event
  • Posters to hang at the makerspace


(Note: This may be different for each event; check the specific event page for more information.)

Each participating space agrees to post at least 3 new Instructables from the build night. Projects can be anything - they don’t have to be made with the materials provided (but that would be a plus!). Not posting these Instructables will exclude us from participating in future build nights. We do not yet have a group page on Instructables to post to, but once we get a decent number of Instructables submitted, they will set us up with a group for Makers Local 256. The posts can be submitted on your personal Instructables accounts (doesn't have to be all on the same account), as long as we send the links to each project.

Sponsorship Opportunity

If we post 10 high-quality Instructables we may be able to get a 3D printer, Laser Cutter, CNC Machine, Industrial Sewing Machine, or Electronics Kit for the space. Projects don’t have to be made as a group. Individual projects can be included towards the sponsorship, so let us know if you submit any Instructables on your own; they count!

Brownie Points

Posting a forum topic about the event with pictures and will get us more supplies for building or more targeted ads on Instructables for next month’s build night.

List of Build Nights

Instructables Build Night/May 2013 - Conductive Paint

Instructables Build Night/June 2013 - 3D Printing with 123D & Tinkercad

Instructables Build Night/July 2013 - Sugru: Moldable Rubber