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This page holds ideas for alternative approaches to building a kitchen computer.


Android on RasberryPi

After Action: Apps did not run ideally, Some would come up in portrait mode and could not be changed. Some would continuously crash. If I were to come back to running android on a touchscreen, I would get a USBC dock and a phone that supports USB OTG and use that as the hardware instead of a raspberry Pi.

Cooking Apps

  • Allrecipes
    • This application has been crashing when scrolling to bottom with mouse. Need to test with touch screen to see if crash occurs.
  • Flavorly: This is the application installed on the GE Kitchen Hub

Experience Improvement

  • Some kind of split screen functionality. Currently apps have to support this, but maybe there's another way?

TouchScreen Monitor Plugged into Android Phone

I plugged my android into a USB-C dock, and then plugged the monitor's HDMI and USB into the dock. The monitor displayed as a second monitor and mirrored the phone, but the touch screen didn't register. I think you have to purchase monitors that specifically indicate that they are compatible for this to work:

I have to say, if I were to start this project over, and I knew this would work, this is the approach I would use. For a kitchen computer, I value the user experience AndroidOS brings to the table over the power of having a full Linux distro at my fingertips.