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  • $X (Any Amount): Invitation to Laser Cutter Party
  • $25 (Availability: Unlimited): Vinyl Cut Sticker (Enabrintain has offered to do the first 40)
  • $40 (Availability: Unlimited): Small lasercut acrylic keepsake, PLUS Vinyl Sticker
    • Gregabyte has volunteered to cut and mail these rewards. Cost would be taken out of funds raised.
  • NEW $60 (Availability: Unlimited): Anyone who donates more than $60 will receive a t-shirt
    • ndesign has a deal to get 72 single color tshirts for $288. We would have to have 5 +$60 donations to break even.
    • If the run is too small, we can explore having greenpea press make them
  • Recognition Plaque Mounted to Side of Lasercutter (Tyler and Norm have volunteered to create the plaques). Plaques can be ordered from a trophy shop if we want to prioritize having them out quickly vs. making them ourselves)
    • $1000 (Availability: 1). Top quarter of plaque, donor name in largest font, optionally displayed company logo
    • $500 (Availability: 4). Positioned under The $1000 donor. Second to largest font.
    • $250 (Availability: 10). Positioned under the four $500 donors. Third largest font.
    • $100 (Availability: TBD).
      • Positioned under the four $250 donors. Fourth largest font.
      • Ticket for a 1-on-1 Laser Cutter Tutorial. Can be given away as a gift.
        • Need to make sure we have a volunteer for this. Availability of this reward could be based on that volunteer's time commitment).
    • Any donor listed on the plaque will be invited to the unveiling of the plaque at the Laser Cutter Party.
  • $5000 (Availability: 1).
    • Plaque featuring only this donor prominently mounted on laser cutter.
    • 20 person class on how to use a lasercutter and assemble the cut item. Good for a company team building exercise.
    • Invitation to unveiling of the plaque at the Laser Cutter Party
  • $10,000 (Availability: 1)
    • Thank you with company supplied logo featured on front page of Makers Local Website for at least 2 years past arrival of laser cutter.
    • (largest?) Plaque featuring only this donor prominently mounted on laser cutter.
    • Laser cut acrylic thank you gift
    • Invitation to unveiling and presentation of gift at Laser Cutter Party

Note: Transportation costs to Laser Cutter Party not included.

Laser Cutter Party for all Members of Makers Local and Donors.

IGG Creation Tools

  • SnagIt was used to do a full page scroll capture of the IGG draft
    • Click "Capture", go to screen you want to capture, click the yellow down arrow that will appear on the screen after 1-2 seconds.
  • Owncloud

Recommended Companies To Solicit

  • eStreet Plastics (Tyler)
  • Synapse (Tyler)
  • SAIC (Jeff)
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Boeing (Suggested: Phil)
  • LSYNC (Jeff) (provided a tour of its facility and laser cutter in early days of makeshop)

Not Yet Advertised To

  • STA (Their logo is featured in the video)
  • RocketRepublic (Michele has this approved, awaiting IGG launch)
  • NACC (Michele)
  • Facebook Video (vs. YouTube) with link to indiegogo campaign
    • Optional boost to have it seen more
  • Blog Post
  • Fliers (Tyler willing to design)
    • UAH
    • Bandito
    • Olde Towne Coffee

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