Lock Picking Trainer Box

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Version 1 done
Born On:
12:32, 16 March 2012 (CDT)
Last Updated:
01:28, 08 February 2014 (CDT)


This will be a box of types that has a variety of locks both deadbolts and padlocks. There will also be a timer with the start button on the outside of the box and the stop button on the inside where it can only be pressed once the box has been fully.



Currently have

  • padlock x2
  • electrical lock switch x2 (this is a keyed electrical switch)
  • enclosure building supplies
  • deadbolt(s)/door knob


There are a lot of instructions and great resources to learn lock picking however none of these substitute practice its one of those things that you really have to do to learn so i would like this to be a workbench for people wishing to learnt that skill set.

I was asked the question "why learn to lockpick" There are many answers for this, the main reason i have learned is because its an interesting skill that is not common, there are the practical uses of it i.e. you lock yourself out of your house calling a locksmith will start at $50 and maybe more. There is also the side of it that its interesting to do just because its not a straight forward process every lock is different.

Help wanted

I would love some input from others who might be interested in contributing to helping brainstorm/plan/design/build/modify this project as it progresses. If your interested in being a part let me know or feel free to add ideas here.

Legal blah blah

There is somewhat of a stigma associated with lock picking. Breaking into this box is not a criminal action and does not break any laws we will leave it at that. If there are any doubts let me know and i can justify this perspective. There are a few rules i saw on TOOOL's site that i think are good:

  1. Don't pick locks you don't own.
  2. Don't pick locks you depend on. (this has to do with the posiblity of damaging the lock when picking it not a common thing but a possibly like anything)

Picture of Version 1

Lock pick trainer.jpg

Usefull info on lockpicking