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I'm Matt, Just graduated college for electrical engineering. Enjoy most anything with micro-controllers or anything with blinky lights really. Also do a fair amount of programming in C++, and matlab. Also enjoy photography, juggling, working on cars, and sleeping on occasion. I also have no clue how to work a wiki so hopefully ill clean up this page once i figure it out.


Back in the states, just a update for phil.


Project Name Description Status Priority
RQ Framework for automating various components of the shop. Hight Planning
Solder Fume Extractor Solder Fume Extractor for the soldering station Hight Planning
ErgoDox Build Split Mechanical Keyboard Done
Apartment Automation Automating my apartment in many ways In Process High
rPi datadump Wiki,ftp,git,etc hosting in a portable package Researching Low
USB Keylogger USB keylogging with a teensy Started Low
EasyButton Big red button that does things First version done Medium
Car RFID lock Lock/unlock car with RFID First version done Low
RGB Telephone-Lamp Telephone that is a light Started Medium
RGB Sobe-Lamp Sobe bottle that is a notification light Planning Medium
Inpulse watch app App for my Inpulse watch Planning Low
Pogoplug arduino internet gateway Connect Arduino to the internet with a pogoplug Planning Low
Kydex car pocket Hidden compartment in car Planning Low
Binary Keyboard A keyboard that lets you input 8 bits at a time Planning Low
Lock Picking Trainer Box A box that requires a veriaty of locks to be picked in order to be opened Done
Leatherman Micra key Replacing useless tools on the micra with useful ones Done