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Born On:
19 September 2010
Last Updated:
19 September 2010

Make a machine very similar to a pitching machine for baseball. Except that it will shoot tennis balls, and will be more configurable, since it needs to be able to deliver a larger variety of pitches. Should also be capable of being set to "catch practice" mode. Arduino will decide the pace, turn, line and length of the delivery and shoot the balls at a set interval; this way I can practice it solo without having to have someone set the parameters for each delivery.

Named after Glenn McGrath, Australian fast bowler who relentlessly and consistently bowled just the right line and length for very long spells. But if you could understand what the previous sentence means, you'd know who McGrath is.

The machine will be based on the "Bola" type bowling machines, with the following components:

  • 2x wheels with rubber tires spaced apart slightly less than the diameter of the ball.
  • 2x motors running the wheels. The motors can run at different speeds.
  • This assembly will be mounted such that it can be tilted at 0 to 180 degree angles.
  • Arduino to control the motor speeds and the tilt of the assembly.
  • Battery to run the whole thing.
  • Tripod to mount it on.
  • Remote control to control the machine. (Optional)