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  • August 26 2008
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • Eat before, or bring food with.


Topic Presenter
Open House (flyer, projects) Everyone
Appointment Making System JimShoe
Review of Action Items Everyone
MrWorld wants a Key Everyone
Phreaknic planning - which projects need to be done and by when. Everyone
What Email address to use for paypal? Jeff / Matt


  • Kinsey
  • Raymond
  • Matt
  • Bob
  • David
  • Jeff
  • Nathan
  • Conrad (by phone)


  • Open House - Sept. 20th
    • Multi-touch demonstration?
    • Ackis demonstration?
    • Photobooth demo/presentation?
    • Monitor FishTank Progress/presentation?
    • T-shirts demonstration?
    • Interactive table with ooblec and magic sand and kalediscope
    • Flyer status, distribution
    • Livejournal, Facebook, other venues?
  • Appointment Making System
    • A way for non-keyed members to request a keyed member be at the shop.
    • This could be a mailing list. Just something better than going around asking everyone if they can be at the shop at a special time.
    • For requests, not demands.
  • MrWorld has been using the shop more and more lately. He is willing to contribute financially to support the shop in exchange for Key access.
  • My intent is to submit treasury reports quarterly vs. monthly, so I removed it as a line item. Omegix 09:01, 26 August 2008 (CDT)


Action items:

  • Toilet running
    • fixed
  • Validate Release Form with a REAL Lawyer
    • Print out the constitution and 1023 and give it to Tilghman
  • Review the donation box policy
    • To be reviewed quarterly to answer the question: "Is this still a valid policy or do we need to switch to members dues?"
  • Make the donation box
    • Kinsey will do it
  • Huntsville Times Announcement for Open House
    • ping sara aboot it
  • Flyer - Open House
    • David will updated and repost
  • "Google Pin" Sign for Open House
    • Bob will continue work
  • Coda Development Outline
    • David and Jeff will continue work
  • Need to make the treasury reports less public
    • Jeff will do this

Have a flyer, need to ask david aboot it's status projects for the open house

  • photobooth, half
  • multitouch
  • fishtank, maybe have to ask angelina
  • shirts, brian said 30 for $150 for makers local shirts, at least a demonstration
  • interactive table ok
  • Bob and David will cook
    • Burgers and hot dogs
    • smores
    • grilled veggies
    • donation box next to food
  • Ray wants to do a "Electronic Swap Meet"
    • needs to be added to flyer
  • Sept 13th Clean Day, Sept 20th is Clean morning
  • Greg tinker with forge
  • Jeff is gonna make smoke
  • Flyers to be hung on campus
  • twitter, livejournal, LUNA, hsv times, Valley Planet, Go Magazine
  • Appointment Making System
    • make mailing list, use that
  • Brian's Request for Key
    • Next time he shows up, he needs to ask for a key, bring money for key
    • Needs to donate regularaly like everyone else
    • Suggested minimum of $20 a month
    • T-shirts do not count
  • Phreaknic planning
    • All projects done by Oct 1
    • Nathan is leading photobooth
    • Ray is leading multitouch
  • What Email address to use for paypal?
    • alias moneyshot@ to paypal@
  • Officers
    • right now, jeff is the only officer
    • treasurer: jeff
    • secretary: sara is nominated
    • president:
    • to be decided later if we need a president, and who it'll be
  • Next meeting Sept 23 7:30pm