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I'm an artist, specifically a graphic designer and a print maker. I make weird creatures, scary monsters and super freaks. Print making lets you make an exact reproduced image over and over again, so you can keep selling copies of your same work. There's a bit of chemistry and physical labor involved, but being able to reproduce your work is a huge advantage come sales time. I can actually produce tshirts (details in a forthcoming project), if you want some for an event or just to get a weird monster on a shirt.

  • For more work, especially digital stuff, check out:
    • [1]
  • Short term memory substitute:
    • [2]


Project Name Description
Light Exposure Table Necessary for screen printing, making t-shirts
Printing on 3D objects for Helms of Awesome Adapting prints to 3D objects to make them more awesome. Specifically I want to make a helmet from this model.
Woodblock Press Everything you need to make prints of a carved woodblock image.
Screen printing Including t-shirts.
Shirt Ideas Previously created artwork, slogans from scifi movies/shows
Southern Quest Video game idea for an rpg set in a fantasy version of the American South.
Ipod Etching Bastardizing a centuries honored printmaking technique to make a kick-ass custom ipod shell.
Homebrew Soda Making your own carbonated beverage. Who doesn't love liquids?
Art Night Basic rundown for a weekly gathering at the shop to practice art, drawing skills. Could meet every Thursday.
Makers Local logo Slightly simpler, will definitely print better.
Portable Screen Printing Base Now take your custom designs wherever you go. Well, wherever you go that's more than 3X2 feet.
Maker Juke Box An open source juke box that can accept music brought to it by users.
GIMP Class Syllabus for a very basic class of image editing with GIMP
Wall Art Proposal for decorating shop a large painted canvas
Werewolf Stilts Walk around like a movie monster
Public Relations Brainstorming ideas for promoting the shop.
LAN Party Brainstorming for an event at the shop
Marketing Venues Places to start advertising about the shop
Tech Expo/Mardi Gras Pig Roast Tentatively March 5, fundraiser for the shop
Project Video Making a short video to promote Makers Local projects
UAH LAN Party They'd like us to have a presence at their event, the page will mainly track who's available to appear that night
Event Suggestions Just some suggestions for running an event at Makers Local
Unclaimed Baggage Trip Trip to our favorite thrift store, Saturday February 5
Memphis Road Trip Who wants to carpool to Memphis for the LAN party April 2?