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  • November 22, 2010
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Board Action Items Chairman Action Items
Treasurer's Report Treasurer Action Items
Netadmin Report TBD Action Items
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee Action Items
Project Chairman Action Items
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair Action Items
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Update "Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting" Redmine Filter 'Closed' date to be today's date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary
Discussion about soda machine case mod MrWorld
Reminder about upcoming fundraiser, screening "The Room" MrWorld
NASA Challenges Sam Ortega

Action Items

  • Results of recent events/fundraisers at the shop
    • Halloween Party
    • Tech Expo/Pig Roast

Treasurer's Report

  • Term: October 2010
    • Donations: $1073.82
    • Members: $1001.56 (27)
    • Expenses: $1210.14
    • Net Profit: $865.24
    • Average Donation per person: $37.09
    • Average Expense per person: $44.82
  • Term: November 2010
    • Donations: $1031
    • Members: $701.67 (22)
    • Expenses: $1200.46
    • Net Profit: $532.21
    • Average Donation per person: $31.89
    • Average Expense per person: $54.57

Facilities Committee

  • Making progress on basic winterization; have sealed off ceiling 50%, will start next on sealing doors and windows. Planning to finish by 12/18 per notes. Using the current temperature measurement setup, will assess conditions in the shop over the next three months with the basic winterization and decide where to go from there; do we need more insulation to save on utilities or can we afford to live as we are?
  • To save money on utilities, the board is proposing to lock the thermostat to 68 degF for the month. If you feel that it is more efficient to do otherwise, please state your case. We will see what happens at the end of the month and decide where to go from there (programmable thermostat, locking thermostat, x10 control, etc.)
    • I would say in order for this to be affective, we need to block up the vent in the back room, and also make the tarps better at holding back the cold. Didn't Ethan have an idea for this?
      • Ethan - Yes, the vent in the back room will be plugged and a removable drop plug will be placed in the back room door to seal it off from the rest of the shop.
  • Any other requests (repairs, cleanups, gear, etc.)?

New Members

  • Dmitry Plaks
  • Tycho Clendenny
  • Rusty Newton



  • Matt O'Gorman
  • Dmitry
  • Justin Watson
  • Kinsey
  • Alice
  • Matt Robinson
  • Nathan
  • Ray
  • Tycho
  • Sam Ortega
  • Satyam
  • Ethan
  • Dusty

Meeting Minutes

  • 7:32 Meeting brought to order by Chairman
  • 7:32 Treasurer report
    • 7:32 all bills paid for October, showed a total profit for the month, but these are one-time non-sustainable donations.
    • 7:33 Regular sustainable donations are still not enough to pay bills each month
  • 7:34 Halloween Party was fun, successful good time
  • 7:34 DIY Tech Expo was very successful
  • 7:34 Brian would like to thank everyone who helped with the event.
  • 7:35 Mr. Ortega found out about the shop that way.
  • 7:35 Ethan not here at the time, Treasurer stands in to deliver Facilities Report
    • 7:35 The Facilities Committee is filling in ceiling tiles to help insulate the shop
    • 7:35 Winterization - the plan is to put some foam inserts around windows, and reinforce tarps and close vents to the storage room.
    • 7:36 Members are researching the most efficient way to run the heater, we simply can't afford keep the shop at 80 degrees all the time
  • 7:36 Ethan has arrived. Members rejoice!
    • 7:37 The plan is to set the thermostat to 68 degrees and to leave it there, Chairman and Facilities Director ask members not to adjust it.
  • 7:38 Chairman introduces new members, Tycho and Dmitry are here and Rusty couldn't make it tonight.
  • 7:39 Mr. Ortega wants to address the shop
    • 7:40 He'd like to donate materials from his daughter's high school to the shop to help insulate the facility.
    • 7:40 He represents "Centennial Challenges" which grants prizes from NASA to inventors, NASA's version of the X-Prize
    • 7:40 Gives cash prizes to incentivize new resources to develop innovative new solutions to problems
    • 7:41 The organization is currently encouraging innovations in 'green flight.'
    • 7:41 NASA gives prize money so CC can organize competitions with allied organizations/sponsors, sponsors of competitions can grant additional prize money.
    • 7:45 Must be an American citizen/organization, but cannot have government funding.
    • 7:45 Technology belongs to the inventor if they win.
    • 7:46 The group's goals is to stimulate innovation, reach new commercial ventures, and to educate, inspire, and motivate the public
    • 7:47 Outline of past competitions
    • 7:49 Other competitions that are still going
      • Strong Tether
      • Power Beaming
      • Green Flight
    • 7:50 Competitions just announced or that will start soon
      • Nano-Satellite launch
      • Night Rover
      • Sample Return Robot
    • 7:55 NASA wants to give rewards and incentives to citizen inventors
    • 7:55 Nano-Satellite preliminary rules
    • 7:58 Winning criteria is tentative at this time, but the packet has an outline
    • 8:02 Still looking for
      • ways to encourage student involvement
      • other ways to enhance value of the challenge
    • 8:03 Easiest way for interested parties to find out more is at, they also have a twitter feed or email Mr. Ortega directly
    • 8:05 Federal budget concerns may delay updates, but situation may change in immediate future.
  • 8:05 Ethan is looking for a way to retrieve some space insulation to help winterize the shop from Bill Brown's farm in Cullman.
  • 8:07 Nathan would like to thank everyone who offered to help pay for the new projector bulb
  • 8:08 Alice is bringing in an expert (Earlene) to teach a sewing class next Monday, November 29
  • 8:08 Classes may continue after this event depending on interest and teacher availability
  • 8:10 Brian is interested in having members submit digital images to be collaged into a casemod for the soda machine
  • 8:11 Nathan reports that he and Justin have the keys to the soda machine, and they've been stocking it out of pocket, but it is money-positive.
  • 8:12 Ethan on behalf of the facilities committee is taking questions about problems with the shop - people report wasps
  • 8: 15 Screening the Room
    • The movie is paid for, the theater is booked, but it costs $535 to put this on
    • We're charging $10 at the door
    • We're also selling concessions, feel free to volunteer to help on the wiki
    • 8:17 NPR ad - Alice is recording an ad Wednesday
        • There's been some confusion about regulations for what we can and can't advertise, Brian is asking for the official regulations to clear it up
    • 8:18 We can't sell alcohol or advertise that people can bring alcohol
    • 8:18 We can totally bring our own alcohol
  • 8:20 Next meeting date will be Monday December 13, at 7:30PM
  • 8:20 Chairman adjourns meeting