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  • July 16, 2014
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Board Action Items Chairman Action Items
Treasurer's Report Treasurer Action Items
Netadmin Report TBD Action Items
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee Action Items
Project Chairman Action Items
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair Action Items
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Update "Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting" Redmine Filter 'Closed' date to be today's date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary

Action Items

Jeff: Update new member walkthough for policies proposal and make sure the policies page is accurate.

Treasurer's Report

Finance Committee

We have 77 members.

Members we lost this month:

  • Matt Barron
  • Leon Kennedy


  • Term: July 2014
    • Donations: $20
      • Random Donation (Lou Oney): $20
    • Members: $798.67 (34)
    • Net Profit: $-600.62
    • Expenses: $1399.29
      • June 2014 Utilities: $386.34
      • July 2014 Rent: $925
      • July 2014 Cable: $87.95
  • Term: June 2014
    • Donations: $580.71
      • Amazon: $13.98
      • Credit Dividend : $1.36
      • Random Donation: $20
      • Random Donation: $10
      • Random Donation: $1
      • Pig Roast 2014 (Paypal): $14.37
      • Random Donation: $20
      • Pig Roast 2014: $500
    • Members: $1307.58 (53)
    • Net Profit: $-132.31
    • Expenses: $1439.89
      • June 2013 Dumpster: $65
      • May 2014 Utilities: $361.94
      • June 2014 Rent: $925
      • June 2014 Cable: 87.95

Facilities Committee


Item Thank you to
Dumpster pickup moved to Mondays kix
Can recycling kix

Planned Improvements

Item Responsible Parties


New Members

NOTE: All new members, meet with the Facilities Committee for your shop walk through.

  • Samantha Meiborg
  • John M.
  • Brian Pappas

Discussion Topics


  • Jake Polatty
  • John M.
  • Jeff Cotten
  • Jennifer Paulsen
  • Scott Morales
  • David Pemerton
  • Barbara Attilio
  • Phil Showers
  • Kinsey Moore

Meeting Minutes

Tyler started the meeting at 19:31 with a review of the action items. The action item for the new member walkthrough has not been completed and so it survives until next time.

Jennifer gave the treasurer's report at 19:33 (see above). We currently have 77 members.

Phil gave the facilities report at 19:34. Dumpster pickup has been moved to Mondays and Jennifer will now take care of recycling cans.

Events: The mini-sumo competition occurred on Saturday and Josh Pritt beat everyone with a send-in.

Several of our members have been participating with the local libraries in showing 3D printers to kids.

We had the beach ball toss from the court house shortly after the last meeting.

CasCA is in the process of being upgraded to CasCADE which includes NFC and web interfaces.

Phil is currently building a new gantry for his large format CNC air plotter.

The next meeting will occur on August 14 at 7:30PM.