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  • June 18, 2015
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Board Action Items Chairman Action Items
Treasurer's Report Treasurer Action Items
Netadmin Report TBD Action Items
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee Action Items
Project Chairman Action Items
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair Action Items
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Update "Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting" Redmine Filter 'Closed' date to be today's date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary

Action Items

Treasurer's Report

We have 82 members.

Finance Committee


  • Term: June 2015
    • Donations: $4.59
      • Random Donation - Obscure Machines: $4.59
    • Members: $818.95 (39)
    • Net Profit: -$284
    • Expenses: $1102.95
      • June 2015 Rent: $950
      • June 2015 Utilities: Not paid
      • June 2015 Cable: $87.95
      • June 2015 Dumpster: $65

    • Misc Expense: $517
      • PO Box: $67
      • Insurance: $450

  • Coke Machine Fund: $1396.84
    • May 30, 2015 Coke Machine Fund: $82.50
    • May 12, 2015 Coke Machine Fund: $232
  • Facilities Fund: $101.98
    • June 9, 2015 Kitchen Fund: $30
    • Reimbursement to Phil - Facilities Stuff: $29.41
    • Reimbursement to Phil - Kitchen Stuff: $28.30
  • Projects Fund: $319.52

  • Term: May 2015
    • Donations: $241.99
      • Credit Dividend: $1.34
      • Random Donation - Alex Ura: $48.6
      • Cash scrap metal refund: $14.37
      • Cash scrap metal refund 2: $9.48
      • AmazonSmile: $18.2
      • Random Donation - Eric Lang: $150
    • Members: $916.59 (43)
    • Net Profit: -$530.54
    • Expenses: $1447.13
      • May 2015 Rent: $950
      • May 2015 Utilities: $344.18
      • May 2015 Cable: $87.95
      • May 2015 Dumpster: $65

Facilities Committee


Fixed sink in Loft with epoxy, please be careful in removing it in the future (use pvc cutters and leave room for a coupling if unscrewing it is not an option)
Lounge area has extra lighting
Fab Lab Insulation Beefed up

Planned Improvements

Item Responsible Parties


New Members

NOTE: All new members, meet with the Facilities Committee for your shop walk through.

  • Evan Ryan
  • Kirstin DeRosa
  • Jonathan Rosswog

Discussion Topics


  • Kinsey Moore (secretary)
  • Shae Erisson
  • Tyler Crumpton (chairman)
  • Chris Bero
  • Nathan Warner
  • Phil Showers (facilities)
  • Jennifer Paulsen (treasurer)
  • Matt Sanderson
  • Kirstin DeRosa
  • Brian Pappas
  • Evan Ryan
  • Barbara Attilio
  • Jeff Cotten

Meeting Minutes

Tyler started the meeting at 19:37.

There are no action items to cover.

We will be revisiting outstanding member grants after the meeting. Action item for Phil to look into this matter.

Jennifer gave the treasurer's report at 19:40.

We are currently working on a new donation tracking system, so please bear with us until it's all worked out.

Phil gave the facilities report at 19:46. The sink upstairs has been "repaired" with epoxy. If you see it leaking, get Phil. The lounge now has track lighting (thanks Hunter). Chris Bero and Travis Crumpton have been insulating the fab lab in order to improve climate control.

We're currently looking at upgrading the internet to handle heavier usage times.

Projects and events were announced at 19:49. The pig roast and lan party are coming up (no silent auction) on July 11th. Greg is looking for network help for hosting, so contact him if you'd like to help! Signup for dishes for the pig roast is on the wiki.

There is a canoeing and kayaking trip coming up soon, so check the wiki and your emails!

There are several Eat'n'Educates coming up soon, so check the calendar!

If you want to help with insulating the fab lab, talk to Chris Bero. There is plenty more to do and lots to learn.

We have 3 new members (see above).

July 23rd at 7:30PM will be the next meeting.