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  • April 12, 2018
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Board Action Items Chairman Action Items
Treasurer's Report Treasurer Action Items
Netadmin Report TBD Action Items
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee Action Items
Project Chairman Action Items
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair Action Items
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Update "Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting" Redmine Filter 'Closed' date to be today's date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary

Discussion Topics

Action Items

Finance Committee

Treasurer's Report


  • Money In: Members $2,555.69
  • Money In: Other $80.16
  • Money In: Total $2,635.85
  • Money out of selected accounts goes to
  • Expenses:Misc $74.36 (domain renewal)
  • Expenses:Utilities $378.92
  • Expenses:WOW $122
  • Expenses:Dumpster $65
  • Money Out $640.28
  • Difference $1,995.57

Earmarks (These numbers are out of date)

General Fund is Approximate.

  • Coke Machine Fund: $2451
  • Facilities Fund: $95
  • Laser Fund: $1910
  • General Fund: $5545

Total: $10,075.38

Facilities Committee


Item Responsible Parties
Painted Welding Cart Phil
Counter-top replaced for Table 1 Phil
Laser Cutter Power switch Travis
New powder 3d printer! (a little work left to do to get it usable though) Tyler, Phil, Hunter

Planned Improvements

Item Responsible Parties
Getting air/vacuum to the pick-n-place (and other fixin's) Phil, Tyler, Jake
Getting air to the sand-blasting cabinet Phil, Tyler, Jake
Finish the welding curtain Jake


New Members

NOTE: All new members, meet with the Facilities Committee for your shop walk through.



  • Bradley Marshall
  • Norm Marshall
  • Hunter Fuller
  • Phil Showers (treasurer)
  • Tyler Crumpton (chairman)
  • Kinsey Moore (secretary)
  • Jake Harris (facilities)
  • Travis Crumpton
  • Connor Roberson
  • Nick Hanson
  • Kirstin DeRosa
  • Jeff Cotten
  • Paul Nix
  • Michele Cotten
  • Lowell Killen
  • Jessie Chapman

Meeting Minutes

Tyler started the meeting at 19:30 with the ballots for the board election.

Tyler reviewed the lack of action items at 19:34.

Phil gave the treasurer's report at 19:35 (see above).

Jake gave the facilities update at 19:37. Phil painted the welding cart and oiled the upper surface. The top on table 1 has been replaced since it got burned. Travis installed a new power switch for the laser cutter. We had 2 commercial grade powder printers donated (1 for parts that may end up working) which we're still getting up and running. We're still in the process of planning an air line for the pick and place and the sand blaster. Jake is also working with Phil on the welding curtain. We've moved all but 2 cameras to PoE for controlability which has also improved reliability. New design software has been installed on the laser/vinyl cutter control computer. The slack autoinvite button is now up. Bradley has installed phones and they work except for the one in the textiles because the ethernet drops are jank (pew pew). The audio control website has been tweaked a bit (see email).

Project and event updates: Panpoly is coming up and we're collaborating with Urban Engine for some wireless LED/battery modules and a table (see Tyler for details).

The Nerd Rummage Sale has moved to May 12th.

Ludum Dare is occurring on the weekend of April 20th and at least Hunter and Jake are participating.

Kirstin is targeting a cookie swap for the end of May timeframe.

The next meeting will occur on May 17th.