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  • April 15, 2021
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Chairman
Treasurer's Report Treasurer
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee
Project Chairman
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary

Discussion Topics

Action Items

Finance Committee

Treasurer's Report

In the bank


3 Month Report

Jan-1st-2021 - Mar-30th-2021

(Figures are Rounded)

  • Money In: $4844
    • Income:Misc
      • (March 2021) "Charity On Top": $250
      • (March 2021) Paypal Giving: $2
  • Money Out: $4607
  • Difference +$237

Upcoming Action Items

  • Testing of new tool made by Enabrintain that parses the paypals
  • Thank you letter to Charity on Top (maybe a member at large could pick this up)

Completed Action Items

Treasury Committee

  • A solution is needed to automatically process donations from paypal.
  • Currently have to have Phil in order to login to Redstone. but it hasn't been a problem so far, he's really responsive. but if he died it would suck.

Facilities Committee


Item Responsible Parties

Planned Improvements

Item Responsible Parties


New Members

NOTE: All new members, meet with the Facilities Committee for your shop walk through.



  • Kinsey Moore (secretary)
  • Grace Lemley (treasurer)
  • Jeff Cotten
  • Thomas Samper
  • Bradley Marshall (chairman)
  • Travis Crumpton

Meeting Minutes

Bradley started the meeting at 19:35 with a review of the action items. Form 990 still needs to be taken care of.

Grace gave the treasurer's report at 19:42. The delinquent member emails have gone out and we've had mostly positive responses. Phil has written a tool to help processing of paypal transactions.

Kinsey and Thomas gave the facilities report at 19:48. The laser needs some minor work, we had cleanup day which got quite a bit done for the people we had available. Phil has removed some of his personal equipment that has been sitting disused.

Events: April 22 is mycelium's farm bot ribbon cutting.

We're tentatively planning a nerd rummage sale in October, see Jeff for details.

The next meeting will occur May 13th.