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  • October 13, 2022
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Board Action Items Chairman Action Items
Treasurer's Report Treasurer Action Items
Netadmin Report TBD Action Items
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee Action Items
Project Chairman Action Items
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair Action Items
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Update "Action Items Closed Since Last Meeting" Redmine Filter 'Closed' date to be today's date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary

Discussion Topics

Action Items

Finance Committee

  • New Action Item: Explore using a financial aggregator as a tool, like PersonalCapital.

Treasurer's Report

  • Assets:
    • Redstone: $8917
    • PayPal: $32.34
  • Fundraisers
    • TNF: $70+
      • Cash deposits occurred after latest import into GnuCash
      • CashApp transactions from most recent TNF will be deposited into Redstone on Thursday 2022.10.12
    • Nerd Rummage Sale
      • $540
        • We remembered too late to keep a ledger for food, so we do not know what percentage was from food vs. donations & Vendors
        • As far as I can tell, no one donated via PayPal, Venmo, nor CashApp at the Nerd Rummage Sale. I guess since this is a bring-your-cash event, everyone had cash on hand.
          • Action Item: Need to confirm with Aaron and anyone else manning the table that they don't remember anyone asking them about digital donations for food.
        • Action Item: Has Travis been reimbursed for his NRS food material costs?
  • Lessons Learned
    • Taking cash donation to the redstone in Twickenham is a real pain in the ass. Highly recommend going to a facility with a real live teller, and not an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). ATM would have been just as painful.

NetAdmin Committee

  • Jeff Cotten is working on an informal trade study for an Inventory Management System (IMS) to help makers local track items in the shop and track who has checked them out. Contact Jeff if you would like to contribute to the study or be a beta tester for the products being evaluated.

Facilities Committee


Item Responsible Parties

Planned Improvements

Item Responsible Parties

Publicity & Events

  • Nerd Rummage Sale
    • See Treasurer's Report for financial figures
    • Lessons Learned Doc. See Jeff or Ace for access.
    • Poll for interest on going over this document at this Member Meeting or at a later time.

New Members

NOTE: All new members, meet with the Facilities Committee for your shop walk through.

  • Gregory Rivers



  • Michael Johnson
  • Kinsey Moore (secretary)
  • Jeff Cotten (treasurer)
  • Bradley Marshall (chairman)
  • Grace Lemley
  • Travis Crumpton (facilities)
  • Aaron Rissler
  • Tom Samper

Meeting Minutes

Bradley started the meeting at 19:28 with a review of the board action items.

Jeff gave the finance report at 19:29 (see above). We had a good turnout at the Nerd Rummage Sale.

Kinsey gave the netadmin report at 19:32. The failing camera in the textiles room has been replaced. The web hosting upgrade is being worked on. We're currently evaluating inventory management systems. Owncloud is getting an update for app compatibility.

Travis gave the facilities report at 19:39. The Plasma CNC is now fully functional. There is now a fully functional air drop/reel by the garage door. The air compressor parts have come in and should be making progress shortly. We have air tool storage attached to the shelving downstairs. We also have a pneumatic can crusher which needs some work for additional safety. The sign has finally made it to the top of the priority list, so that will probably be addressed before the next meeting. All dehumidifiers have pumps on them for auto-emptying now.

Events: The Nerd Rummage Sale occurred! It was a success and we've got some lessons learned.

The pumpkin carving event will occur on the 24th. See social media for more information.

We're looking at whipping up some flyers to hand out that describes who we are and what we do as well as a new member packet.

The checklists for locking up are getting updated before the next meeting.

The next meeting will occur on November 17.