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Assembling First Prototype
Born On:
14:16, 20 May 2014 (CDT)
Last Updated:
10:24, 02 June 2014 (CDT)


Robotic Lawnmower Project.

Project Members

Christopher Bero [ctag]

John Gould

Project Goals

We intend for this to be a small open-source endeavor with wishful thinking to eventually roll a business out of it.

We want this device to be:

  • Solar Powered (Totally possible, we hope)
  • DIY Capable (Parts currently sourced from Home Depot and 3 online resellers)
  • Cost Effective (Most robo-mowers are $2k and up, we're shooting for $600)
  • Safe (duh, bumpers, tilt switches, stress-break parts, etc)
  • Intelligent (Current mowers appear to either follow set paths or random "roomba" patterns, ick)
  • RC or Autonomous (first prototype is definitely RC)
  • Rain/Weather Proof
  • Easy to Maintain

Parts List

For the Mark-1 Prototype:

From Store:

  • Reel Lawnmower from Home Depot or Lowes.

From Dimension Engineering:

  • 2x12 Sabertooth motor controller

From InstaPark:

  • InstaPark 10W Solar Panel w/ Motor Controller

From AndyMark:

  • [2x] Cim Motors
  • Sprockets
  • Chain
  • Sprocket Key
  • 12V Battery

Cost Log

  • AndyMark Drivetrain Order
    • $113.46
    • Parts: am-0505, am-0207, am-0661, am-0370, am-0371, am-1121, am-2338
  • Instapark 10W Solar Panel
    • $53

Total: $396.02