Nerd Rummage Sale 6

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Please note this page is for Nerd Rummage Sale 2019. 2018 Is Nerd Rummage Sale 5.

  • Special Event Waiver
    • For the police to accept the application, they need a liability waiver. This is provided via State Farm, and does not increase our premium. It simply adds the police force as an additional insured.
    • Jeff is waiting for this to be added to our premium on 2018.03.05 , and will then resubmit with the police department the Special Event Request for April 6th, 2019.
    • Off Duty Police officers can be requested from the secretary of the police (Mrs. Duncan) at 256-427-7157. The non emergency police number is 256-722-7100.
    • Jeff has submitted Special Event Request to police for 2019.
      • Will need to submit the liability waiver after the first of the year in 2019. This is in the Action Item google calendar for Jan 7th, 2019.
  • See if a Great Cleansing can be scheduled a few weeks out from the event. We might be able to surplus some items the shop doesn't need, and then throw away the ones that don't sell.