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This is the server network. There is no DHCP; all addresses must be statically set. It isn't really a DMZ as such. I just called it that so we would sound more impressive.


This IP space is (10.56.0.*).

IP Hostname Description router Default router for machines in this network kratos VM host (physical box) webdev Testing and development Web server (the real Web server is hosted offsite) mail Email (especially the mailing lists) 100W Laser big laser liferay Enterprise portal for improved collaborative cloud synergy fileserver file share backup (old) webcam setup and (old) backup for all of the servers zimbra Used to host our identity management and LDAP asterisk VoIP server for phones on the floor and the main phone number newldap The LDAP server that replaced zimbra dev Software development and testing box newvpn Maker VPN server and admin orchestration jump-off point owncloud ownCloud server owncloud Reserved for future use reverseproxy Terminates TLS and proxies for on-site services that should be reachable off-site newbackup Borg-based backup box iot Internet of Things development/bridge VM zoneminder Webcam host box vm2 VM host (physical box) - Dell PowerEdge without hot-swap drive bays vm3 VM host (physical box) - black Switchvox bbs Jeff's bulletin board server vm4 VM host (physical box) - Dell PowerEdge with hot-swap drive bays server-sw 8-port HP ProCurve switch in the rack loft-sw 48-port Cisco Catalyst PoE switch mounted vertically on the loft railing downstairs-sw 48-port Dell PowerConnect switch mounted vertically below the south office window


The thing about this network is, almost everything on it is a VM. The only physical boxes on this network are the VM hosts and the router. As such, it is unlikely that you would see this network anywhere else in the shop. This may change, however; it'd be a good place to put servers.