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We have an Avocent Direct_PDU (DPDU103). The PDU is currently located at

How to use it

To change power state for something:

  1. Browse to the PDU.
  2. Click Control.
  3. Check the box for the thing you want to turn on and off.
  4. Enter the username root and the password from the keepass.
  5. Click ON or OFF to set that output to that state.
  6.  ???
  7. Profit

How to configure it

To set the name for something, send an SNMPv1 "set" command to the OID ., where x is the number of the outlet you want to set (1-8). You can send a string and it will be the new name shown in the PDU interface.

How to monitor it

The SNMPv1 OID . gives you the current total current draw, in deciamperes.