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This is the main LAN at the shop and it's what the makers will use to connect. This network is able to talk to all the workstations and servers on the network so only members should be able to use this (this isn't a rule but it's an important guideline).


This IP space is (10.56.1.*).

IP Hostname Description router Default router for machines in this LAN officecam Office webcam biglaser 100W Laser ap The UBNT AP located in the office ipcamera Roll-up door webcam casca Coin dispenser baycam Rollup Door Cam wham Big Sign Pi copier Carol the Canon lasercam0 laser facing webcam FrontdoorCam Front door webcam printer ancient laser printer door2 ancient door pi simplysnap snap controller fablabcam fablab webcam loftcam loft webcam


Just about any port you plug into at the shop will put you on this network (probably). Wirelessly, this network is available as the "Makers Local 256" ESSID, which is WPA2 encrypted.