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The WAN provided to us by WOW. There is no DHCP; all addresses must be statically set.


Our public IP space is ( through

IP Hostname Description (n/a) Network definition address (not available for use) WOW (Knology)'s router for our network Greg's physical box for gaming servers JimShoe's VPS (defunct) Opticron's VPS Soon to be Defcon256 partner website Shop's router's primary public-facing IP (n/a) broadcast address (not available for use)

To claim an address, set up the machine that needs it, edit this page, and ask User:hfuller for the setup instructions. (Addresses cost money, so that will cost money.)


Our WAN comes in via DOCSIS from the ISP previously known as Knology. The cable modem is connected to eth1 on the router. The router has a virtual switch (br0) connecting the cable modem (eth1) and VLAN 100 on the LAN (eth2.100). In this way, the router's WAN interface is located on br0, but other (virtual) machines can occupy their public-facing IPs on VLAN 100 (which is available on the VM host) because this VLAN is bridged directly to the cable modem.