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20:23, 26 May 2009 (CDT)
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22:43, 03 June 2018 (CDT)


This is list of information necessary for new members, all located here in one place.

We ask that you contribute to the shop. There's no real limit to how much or how little to donate - we only ask that you donate what you can afford, and what you think your time at the shop is worth.

We vote on as soon as you've completed an Application. After you apply, you still won't be an official member or get 24/7 access to the shop until you've been voted in, at most 5 days from when you turned in your application. Until then, you're still free to come by; in fact, we encourage it. Before the board votes on your acceptance, we'd like to get to know you, so please come by and meet everybody. Talk about your interests, why you want to join, and what kind of projects you're interested in working on. Tuesday nights are our "open house" night; there are also people at the shop almost every weekday after 5, and usually any weekend afternoon. You can even start bringing some stuff by the shop to work on, and show off what you have to offer.


  • Fill out your application.
  • Meet the members.
  • Start brainstorming some projects.
  • Come to the monthly meeting, ask about the next monthly meeting date!



We have a Slack team that you can visit; there's always some makery conversation going on in there. (Slack is a real-time text (and sometimes voice) chat app, available for the desktop, iPhone, and Android, supporting multiple channels for specific topics, as well as private messaging.) To join the team, visit the contact page, then click the "Join us on Slack" button.

Mailing Lists

As a member of the global maker community, you may be interested in joining our public announcement list in order to stay up to date about our events and activities. As a member of Makers Local, you will also gain access to member-specific lists. Details can be found on the mailing lists page.

Useful Links

Wiki Etiquette

  • Your User page: When your accounts are created (you'll receive an e-mail detailing this) and log into the wiki, the first thing you may want to do is add a little bit about yourself to your User page. This page may be accessed by clicking on your username as it appears in the upper right hand corner any page on the wiki when logged in. Most people use their User page for keeping track of the projects they're involved with. Multiple people can link to the same project page from their User page, wikis are about collaboration after all. Another benefit of adding information to your User page is your name should appear in the list of Users on the Main Page . This list is automatically generated but only contains links to User pages with content. The list of users in the sidebar however isn't, so don't feel bad if your name does not appear there. For ideas on what to do with your User page just browse other's User pages to get some ideas.
  • Summary: When editing a page, you'll notice below the main editing text box another text box labeled Summary. This is for providing a brief summary of the changes you've made to the page, namely for the benefit of those looking at either the History or Recent Changes pages. Example: when creating a page for the first time, you may enter something along the lines of "Initial commit" with subsequent edits containing more specific description of changes. Just below the Summary box you'll notice two check boxes. The one you'll use the most is the This is a minor edit one. Use this when fixing typos and mediawiki syntax edits to let people know that's nothing they really need to be concerned about. Next is the Show Preview button, this allows you to preview the pages before committing the edits by clicking the Save Page button. When clicked, the entire page will be refreshed without losing your changes and will display the page as it will look with the changes you've made. Scroll down to get back to the edit box to make additional changes or to click Save Page.
    • The History page is located as a tab labeled View History, toward the top of the page and to the right, and can be found on every page. It contains changes for that specific page and who made them.
    • The Recent Changes page is linked in the sidebar to your left and contains all recent changes made by any user on any page contained within the wiki. You may also see a smaller slimmer version of this page embedded on the Main Page.
  • Talk pages: Another "tab" you'll see to the upper right (or left depending on theme being used) is the Discussion tab which will show you the Talk page for any given project page. This is where other users can comment and discuss projects without cluttering up the actual project page itself.