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This page is for the creation of the Project Enclosure for the USB Auth 1.7 project.

  • Materials
    • 1/8 Inch Clear Acrylic.
      • 8 x 4.5 x 2.5 "
  • Project Files
  • Using Inkscape
  • Using Makeshop's laser cutter: Max Cutting Dimensions are 14 x 9 "


  1. Opened PDF obtained from boxmaker website in Inkscape
  2. Delete the extraneous text
  3. Doesn't matter what the canvas size is in Inkscape, Raster Engrave is where that matters
  4. If the object is grouped, select the object and Ungroup.
  5. Select the "Edit Paths by Node" tool, select the outline of box side
  6. Select the entire box. The lines are now selected, but the nodes are not, so:
  7. Select the entire box again. Now the nodes are selected.
  8. Select the "Join selected endnodes with a new segment" button
    • The piece should now move as a whole
  9. Print to Raster Engrave
  10. If necessary, select the rotate button to ensure it will all fit on the canvas
  11. Set Settings to Speed:20, Power:100, Passes:5
  12. Put painters tape on both sides of the acrylic
  13. Make sure laser is up to 15mA
  14. Press "P" 4 times to outline the perimiter
  15. "Notch the corners with the laser's two fire buttons
    • This will give you a physical indicator that the object is within the cutting pattern.
  16. Press Play