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  • What: An open house/pig roast
  • When: Friday 11/11/11 start eating around 5:30
  • Where: The shop, it needs to be cleaner
  • Why: To show the community how awesome we are


  • November 11 2011, 6pm-9:30pm: Open House

Before the Event

  • Clean the shop - IN PROGRESS
  • Tell people about it
    • Flier -- Thank You Dana
      • Colleges
        • UAH - check
        • Calhoun - check
      • Work place
      • E-mail lists
      • Old Towne Coffee Shoppe
      • Panera Bread
      • Atlanta Bread
      • Bandito -check
      • The Libraries -check
      • Around 5 points -check
      • Any where else you think of
    • FaceBook -Spacefelix
    • Radio Announcement -Crashcartpro
    • E-mails
    • Press Invitations & Advertisements: -Spacefelix
      • Contacted Frank Brown of 42 Magazine on 11/9/11. He said he will see to a photographer coming to the event. Currently, he may make it, he may not make it. But Frank may come in for a future event for a future story in 42 as he is interested in us. Frank Brown - Online editor, contact with news tips, press releases and comments:, profile:
      • Press invite sent 10/25/11 to the Huntsville Times; Jerry Felts (Tech), Budd McLaughlin (Business) & Anna Claire Vollers (Lifestyle). Contact details in Discussion Page.
      • Take note of Tuttle's ML256 Press Kit.


It doesn't seem the talks idea is going to work out. Let's put projects out on the tables as we have in the past and be there to talk about them.

The confirmed project list:

  • Go Kart
  • 3D Printers
  • Forge
  • Drink Backpack
  • Vacuum Form Table
  • Community Garden
  • HSIS & Follow-On Projects
  • Solar Food Dryer and Hydraulic Ram Pump from the Appropriate Tech Lab, Collab with EWB - Spacefelix, appropriate technology, open source and hackerspaces and how their philosophies can go hand-in-hand and what results.
  • MakerSat, MakerLaunch & Various Things That Shoot Fire & Make Noise, Collab with Project HALO - Spacefelix, citizen spaceflight, what it takes to do it and how a hackerspace can help.


  • Gumbo
    • Cooked by Preaux
  • Salads/side (At least 1 green (vegetable) salad)
    • Alii Green salad
    • Oyster Ranch Crackers -ramgarden
    • Chips 'n Dips - Gregabyte
  • Shrimp Ring - Because Spacefelix loves cocktail shrimp.
  • Dessert
    • Fruit Salad - Spacefelix
    • Cheesecake - opticron
  • Plates - omegix
  • Cups (CHECK -Enabrintain)
  • Bowls - Alii
  • Plastic Ware
  • Drinks
  • Ice and cooler


  • Dots for people's hands (better way to count plates)
    • Alii
  • Name tags for members
    • Alii
  • Shirts?
  • Vinyl stickers?
  • Seating
    • Can you bring chairs?
      • ramgarden can