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Press Invite Details:

  • 11/9/11 - Appears Jerry Felts is no longer with Hutnsville Times. Frank Brown is now working with 42 in his stead. Spacefelix made positive contact with him and he will see to sending a photographer to the event. Currently, he may make it, he may not make it. But Frank is very interested in Makers Local 256 and would like to do a future story on us in a future edition of 42.
  • Press invite sent 10/25/11 to the Huntsville Times; Jerry Felts (Tech), Budd McLaughlin (Business) & Anna Claire Vollers (Lifestyle).
  • Take note of Tuttle's ML256 Press Kit.
  • '42' Tech Sector Mag: Huntsville Times Local Tech magazine ( This is a good way for us to present ourselves to local technologists and other tech areas. There is great potential to attract new members.
    • Jerry Felts - Online editor, contact with news tips, press releases and comments:, 256-532-4449, profile:
    • Mike Kelly - Contributing writer, contact with news tips and feature ideas:, profile:
    • Advertising in '42'; 256-532-4250 and distribution of '42' at your business/company, call Darren Mack at 256-532-4481.
  • Mr. Budd McLaughlin of the Huntsville Times - Times Business Editor, writes a weekly column on interesting news in Huntsville's business community. He has an interest in local technology business. This would be a good way to get visibility as a technology business, albeit a non-profit one. E-mail or call him with ideas: and 532-4527, profile:
  • Mz. Anna Claire Vollers of the Huntsville Times - Editor of Spark magazine and Associate Niche Publications Editor. Spark Mag is a lifestyle magazine guiding readers to the best in entertainment, design, culture, food and fashion in North Alabama. This would be good for getting our name out to the general public. Contact at:, profile:
  • Curtis Coghlan - Managing Editor of Huntsville Times. You can reach him at or 256-532-4460, profile:

Seeing as how this is an open house for Makers Local 256 showing our efforts and capabilities, should we be showing off the efforts of two other groups? Efforts that were not done by the shop or even at the shop. Seems like false advertising. --strages 10:15, 6 October 2011 (CDT)

Talking about other groups in detail may not be ideal, mentioning them while talking about projects our members have worked on in conjunction with other groups seems fine though. -Alii

I refer you to the following wikipages on the ongoing projects at the shop associated with the other two groups:

These are what will be presented to demonstrate the efforts and capabilities of Makers Local 256. --Spacefelix 08:32, 13 October 2011 (CDT)