Pig Roast 2012

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Born On:
Omegix (talk) 14:42, 15 March 2012 (CDT)
Last Updated:
21:48, 19 July 2014 (CDT)


  • Attended: 68 (used clicker from office to take count)
  • Gross: $535.37 (including IOUs)
  • Expenses: $267
  • Profit: $268

Lessons Learned

Cooking the Pig

    • Pit Cooking was much easier than Spit Cooking. The pig can be left unattended for longer periods of time.
    • Need to open the Aluminum Foil not over the pit/fire. Can cause a grease fire: Video of the great Pig Grease Fire of 2010
  • Watch the weather - we soldiered the thunderstorm well, but thank goodness we started planning for it in advance and made sure we'd have a tent to protect the food. Imagine how awkward it would've been if we hadn't caught this.
  • Need to wear protective hand coverings (latex gloves will do) when pulling the aluminum foil off the cooking frame

Securing Foods

  • There's a pig processing place in Hartselle that can get us a pig cheaper with a good heads up
  • For previous events Rocket City Meats complained that we called too early and needed to call 2 weeks before the event. Then we did that and they dicked us by doubling the price and leaving us with no time to find a competing offer. It was five days after we started calling before Mr. Philips answered the phone. Lesson learned is to call 4 weeks in advance anyway and to find a competing offer.
  • Reminder email should be sent out a day before the event - some folks forgot to bring pledged items

Money \ Headcount \ Activities

  • Remember the name tags - sometimes guests have a hard time finding members to answer questions. Name Tags could identify members easily. Also, suggesting members wear makers local shirts on the day of the event in a reminder email.
  • Guestbook for prospective members to sign
  • Find a way to count plates, maybe use stickers instead of marker for the hand. (we can count the number of used stickers)
    • Used a clicker, can be found in the office near the bathroom of 414 Stevens.

  • Investigate getting an article written about it in the Valley Planet
  • Continue advertising with the Huntsville Young Professionals and NPR
  • Dominoes might be willing to put our fliers on the pizza boxes, but those fliers have to be tame.
  • NPR announcements need a 3 week lead time

Food Prep

  • We need to suggest that children be watched by an adult at all times.
  • Don't run out of bbg sauce.

Basic Event Information

  • Name: Pig Roast
  • Logistics: Omegix
  • Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
  • Time: Event Starts at 12:00, food prep TBD
  • Location: Make Shop
  • Cost to Attend: $10 / person, or $15 for two people.
  • Pig Roast Flier


  • June 2 2012, 12:00pm - 5:00pm: Pig Roast 2012

The Pig

Put a request out for recommendations on Huntsville's subreddit

Weaver Processing

  • 256-462-1034

Buy Pig From Them

  • Have to let them know soon. They can purchase and process it on May 21st, and keep it frozen for us till the day of event.
    • $0.80 / lb live. Want to get about a 110 lb live pig if we want an 80 lb. "dressed" pig.
    • Processing is $35
    • $123

Bring Pig to them for Processing

  • $35, but have to bring it to them by May 21st. They can keep it frozen for us till then.

Whitt's Deer Processing

  • If this comes through it will be as a favor through a friend. Please use Jeff Cotten as POC when contacting Mr. Whitt
    • Mr. Whitt 256-729-1047
  • If we do this, Whitt will slaughter the pig, and we'll have to have it processed (Rocket City Meats offers this service, need to get pricing)

Hometown Market Athens

Got a tip that Publix could order whole pigs, but they discontinued that service a year ago. Butcher recommended called "Hometown Market" in Athens. They said they could give a price, but only a week before we wanted the pig.

Rocket City Meats.

  • 1st time: Half Headless 55-60lb Pig is $1.99 / lb (~$110)
    • This size was too small, we ran out of pig early
  • Last time: They don't do half pigs anymore. Head-on pig, 60lbs is going to run ~$150, $2.50 / lb
    • 80lb pig ~$200
  • This time: 80 lb pigs are $2.69/lb, or around $215.

Fudge Family Farms

  • "The price will be $2.90/lb, pre-paid via check or credit card, and pickup in Madison."
    • I asked them to beat Rocket City's Price, and they responded, "With all due respect, we humanely raise the finest pork in the nation, and are therefore unable to get into pricing wars with commodity meat outlets." ~Wayne Cisco

Volunteering to buy the pig

User:ramgarden aka Josh Pritt: I can pledge $20-$50 if needed.


Other Necessary Items

  • Chairs
    • 4-5 camping chairs - Ramgarden
  • plates, cups, knives, spoons, forks, bowls - Ramgarden
  • Tents
    • 10x10 tent donated by Katie Phillips (Located on South Wall in black textile case)
    • Tim's Tent (tim can bring!)
  • Folding Tables
    • Phil can bring two folding tables
  • Ice and cooler - Laurie Kellogg
  • Cornholing game was brought by RamGarden, was very fun for attendees


  • Drinks
    • Phil is bringing some beverages
    • Need Sodas or Tea
  • Buns (basic hamburger buns) - Satyam
  • Chips, Dip
    • Brimstone is bringing chex mix and a bowl to put it in
    • Gregabyte is bringing awesome dip
  • A second main dish -
  • Side dishes
    1. Corn Casserole - Michele Faris
    2. German Potato Salad - Jessica (met through Mark Blevins)
    3. Pasta Salad - Alii
  • Desserts
    • Kinsey is bringing a cheese cake
  • A green salad (as in vegetables not food coloring) -


  • I know I'll be showing off the turnable composter for our garden. ~Ramgarden
  • should also be working on the cornhole boards for anyone that wants to play. I have some already made boards I'll bring too. ~Ramgarden

Not Yet Advertised To

  • Pizza Boxes (Alii might be able to do this)
  • NPR Service Announcement
  • Update email sent to general list (3 weeks out)