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Early Alpha Stage
Born On:
10:08, 25 June 2010 (CDT)
Last Updated:
21:02, 17 November 2010 (CDT)


Create a quarterly ML256 Podcast/Radio show to promote the shop and our upcoming events, discuss member projects, have panels/talks on technologies.


  • Talk to some existing podcasters for tips
    • I know nothing about podcasting, but locally there's an anime one, Control Point, and others. --Omegix 10:31, 25 June 2010 (CDT)
    • These guys do a pretty regular video blog about their homebrew video game.
  • Set up a space to do this in
    • Need isolation, table/chairs, etc..
      • I don't know much of nothin about podcasting, but is a sound-proof isolated chamber really all that necessary? I mean, I can generally hear pretty well just talking on the phone with someone, even if there is noise. Wouldn't some clip-on mics be just fine? I also think it might add to the atmosphere of the podcast if the listener can always hear some background hackin' going on. Maybe not a bandsaw, but you know what I mean...
  • Acquire all the needed hardware/software
    • I have most of this --Offbitz 10:08, 25 June 2010 (CDT)
  • Make a name for the show
  • Iron out the format, set up segments
    • discuss our current projects
    • discuss upcoming events
    • have talks/panels on current or upcoming technologies
    • your idea here
  • Identify hosts for the show and/or individual segments
    • so far, Alii and offbitz have expressed interest
  • Find some music (CC Licensed, etc)
    • would be nice to make an identifying intro/theme track for the show, other music for transitions
      • I dabble a little in electronic music. IF I can make something that doesn't completely suck, I'll submit it for consideration.
  • Do something fun/funny to keep people listening.
  • Nykodemus is at your disposal. Just let me know what needs doin'. I'm all about this idea. I started a video blog project page ML256_Video_Blog, but it never took off.
    • your idea here

There is the possibility of doing this live and broadcasting via Icecast or something similar.

The Stuff

  • Has
    • Mics
    • Mixer
    • Necessary cables, etc.
    • Capability to digitally record
  • Has Nots
    • Isolated booth or quiet space for recording
    • stuff I'm forgetting probably will go here

Intro points

  • Name of podcast
  • Date
  • Episode number
  • Makers Local 256
  • What this podcast is about
  • Introductions, clockwise(left) from opening speaker

Outro points

  • where to find notes
  • contact us on #makerslocal on freenode