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Proposed Policy 1: Visitor Ejection

Rejected by the Board on 2/3/2016

Hello everyone, The proposal to make the visitor ejection policy a rule has failed with the following votes: Yea: Kinsey Moore

Nay: Phil Showers, Benjamin Tarsa

Passive Abstain: Tyler Crumpton, Jennifer Paulsen, Barbara Attilio, Greg Brown, Dmitriy Plaks, Tim Heath, Travis Crumpton, Matt Sanderson, Nathan Warner

This was primarily voted down because the policy/rule proposal process was started before all information about the current situation was available and this may need further refining if it is to be passed as a rule.

Your secretary, Kinsey Moore

Original Proposed Policy

(added to wiki January 29, 2016; will take effect on February 5, 2016 if not contested) (This was contested on 2/5/16)

(A second version of this has been proposed, limiting the amount of time that an expulsion can occur to 14 days, as well as adding wording for unbanning a visitor that was unjustly banned through Formal Complaint)

If at any time a member feels that a non-member visitor should leave the organization's facilities or an organizational event, that member may ask the visitor to leave. The visitor is expected to oblige the request and other members are expected to support the request as well. The visitor may be asked to leave indefinitely or for a minimum specified period of time. This is only to be done for serious issues, and abusing or misusing this power is behavior not befitting a member of the organization.

The member must then email the Members' Mailing List with any relevant information, including names, events, dates and times, and the minimum time period if set.

A visitor may only return to the facilities or events if the minimum time period has elapsed, or if a proposal to allow the visitor to return is voted on and passed.