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  • Definition of a Policy
    • "Policies" are member generated.
  • Definition of a Rule
    • Rules are policies the board has voted on to resolve contested policies.
  • What procedures constitute an accepted policy
    • Accepted policies are emailed to the members list (makers-announce) AND put on the Policies Wiki Page AND are not contested via email within Seven (7) Days.
  • How to challenge an accepted policy
    • Policies are contested informally via email until the policy is agreed upon, or until a member submits a proposal to the board to define a rule.
  • How to challenge a rule
    • Rules are contested using a proposal, using the proposal method outlined in the Bylaws
  • What procedure to follow for policy non-compliance
    • Accepted Policies that are not followed can use the Formal Complaint methods outlined in the Bylaws
  • How policies are communicated to new members
    • Reviewing the wiki pages containing Policies and Rules is part of the new member "welcome email".

How to

To make a new policy page, type "Policies/" into the search box on the wiki, and then type the name of the policy category you want to make.

Put this at the bottom of your new policy page so that it will appear here: