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Please see Treasurer for all donation questions.

  • treasurer@makerslocal.org

Policy #1: No CRT Monitors

  • Makers Local 256 does not accept CRT Monitor donations.

(Proposed) Policy #2 Contacting the Facilities Director After a Donation

(Proposed 10/3/2016 in Email Thread "Policy to help get donations sorted and put away" )

  • If a donation is received and cannot immediately be sorted and put away, the receiving member should contact the facilities director before leaving.
  • If the donor desires a donation receipt from the Treasurer, the donor should provide a list of what was donated.

Proposal was challenged and dropped

(Proposed) Policy #3 Donations to Decline

The following items are no longer accepted as donations at Makers Local 256:

  • Wireless AP’s without 802.11 G or later (No 802.11 B only WAPs)
  • Corded computer keyboards, wireless keyboard without receiver
  • Home Office Printers
  • Computers:
    • Any computer with a 3.5 inch floppy drive
    • Laptops with “WindowsXP Ready” stickers on them
    • Computers with Intel Core I-series of the 4xxx Chip vintage or earlier (look for a sticker)
  • Computer Parts
    • IDE Hard Drives (Hard drives with connectors like the one on the bottom in the following image).
    • Disc Drives (CD\DVD\Etc)
      • CD\DVD Drives not capable of burning discs
    • Monitors
      • No CRTs
      • Anything we already have three of
  • Any AV equipment that makers local already has
  • Wires\Cables
    • Only ethernet cables 5e and later
    • No ethernet cables that have the tabs missing from the connectors