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This page will serve as a collection of Financial Policies for the Makers Local 256. Policies are not recorded in the Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation, but are created to help Organize.

Self Imposed Financial Policies

The following are policies that the Treasurer follows of his own accord, and should be taken as suggestions rather than requirements for future Financial Committee members.

  • A receipt will not be issued for PayPal donations less than $250. Instead the treasurer@makerslocal.org PayPal account and the Treasury Ledger will both serve as records of these donations.
    • Donors may use their PayPal ledger as proof of charitable donation to the Makers Local 256, or may request a "Total Donations" statement at the end of the calendar year.

Finance Committee Policies

  • Treasurer shall sign off on all donations, both liquid and item.
  • Members of the finance committee shall email the finance email list the names and associated amounts after they have been deposited in the checking account.
  • Donations may not be used to show that a member is active beyond twelve months from the time the donation was made.