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The "admins" (sometimes "netadmins") are the members responsible for administering the Information Technology infrastructure at Makers Local 256. Examples of this infrastructure include:

  • Internet services that Makers Local 256 provides to its members and to the public
  • The computer network at the make shop
  • The organizationally-owned computers and software at the make shop

The following policies apply to admins:

  • New admins may be approved by proposal to the board.
  • Admins can have their account's admin privileges temporarily suspended by any board member for up to two weeks.
  • An admin shall be removed after that admin sends an email to root@makerslocal.org, explicitly stating their wishes to no longer serve as an admin.
    • If that condition is not met, an admin may be removed when a proposal to that effect is passed by the Board.
  • At least two admins shall have Operator privileges in the #makerslocal freenode channel.
  • At least two admins shall have privileged user status for any social networking site officially associated with the organization.


See history tab on this wiki page for previous wording. Policy change was sent out via email on 2017.1.17.