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Policy 1: Dry Erase Tables

The upper surfaces of some tables have been designated "Clean Surfaces", so please be sure to pull your things off of them when you are finished using the tables for the day.

Policy 2: Other Tables

The Facilities Director may give certain areas special designations, such as the "Clean Table" designation, by applying appropriate signage to those areas in a semi-permanent fashion. The Facilities Director may remove a special designation from an area by removing that signage.

Policy 3: Textiles Table

Do not work with metal shavings on the textiles room table.

Proposed additional policy - 12 Dec 2017

A "Work Area" is defined as a table or other area that must remain clean when it is not in use, aside from tools that are meant to stay in that area. In this context, something is a "tool" once it meets both of these criteria:

  • It may be freely used by shop members to work on projects.
    • Alternatively, it may be used by shop members once they have been trained on its use. (This restriction must be posted on the tool or its respective Work Area.)
  • It is in proper working order.