Proposal/0012-Putting Art Up

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Proposal to Decorate the Shop

  • Call to Vote:
  • Voting Period Shall End 72 hours from Call to Vote date


The shop is looking great since we all cleaned the place up when we moved in. With the walls painted white and blank, I thought it'd be cool to decorate the shop a little. Basically, I'd like to put one or two pieces up on the wall.


Basically I'd be printing on transparent contact paper and then sticking it to the wall. The paper is clear and sticky on one side. It'll stick to the walls, but with a little work it can be peeled off if we ever have to leave the shop. When peeled off, it doesn't leave any marks. I've worked with it before and I've never had any trouble with it. If we ever do have to leave, I will peel it off the walls myself.

I'd be printing on the interior shop walls, on the rear wall furthest from the from door. This wall isn't the one we normally project on for movie nights or presentations, so it shouldn't be in the way for any activities.

The images I'd like to use comes from a series of my prints, the Zulu Death Mask, and the Superior Mutant. The images would be repeated, printed over and over on the one sheet of contact paper, occupying an area of roughly 18x24. I'd like to do two areas in this style.

Zulu.jpg Superior-mutant-copy.jpg