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Rules and Guidelines

  • Call To Vote Date:
    • Called by: --CrashCart 07:23, 9 May 2011 (CDT)
    • Seconded by:--Opticron 12:52, 9 May 2011 (CDT)


A set of rules that protect the interest of the organization as well as the rights (and sanity) of our members.


RULES -are immediately punishable as outlined in the DISCIPLINE section.

  1. Do not do anything illegal In the shop space or with shop resources, including but not limited to: tools, computers, mailing lists, IRC, or Internet connection.
  2. Do not harass any member or guest in any way. Including but not limited to: racial, religious, sexual, or bullying.
  3. Do not abuse or intentionally harm anything that is not yours.
  4. If someone asks you to stop, then STOP.
  5. Alcohol may be consumed at the shop, however, you may not operate power tools while intoxicated.

GUIDELINES -are more lenient or conceptual to the purpose of the organization.

  1. First do no harm.
  2. Always remember we are a community embracing new ideas and free thought, everyone is welcome.
  3. The shop is not for storage, keep your long term storage inside your designated space.
  4. Label your things, so everyone knows they are yours.
  5. Put tools and projects away when you are done for the day.
  6. If you are not sure how someone will react to something ASK them first. This applies to music, videos, conversation, etc.
  7. If you are “Trolling”, please make it known, then refer to Rule 4.


  1. If you see any member or guest breaking a rule, you should first ask them to stop, if you are able.
  2. If you ask them to stop and they persist, or if you do not feel comfortable confronting them: you may report the infraction to a board member. The board, or a person appointed by the board, must then investigate, reprimand, or mediate at their discretion. A written warning is encouraged to have a record of the incident.
  3. If a member willfully persists in any infraction, and after an official written warning from the board has been given, the board has the option to create a proposal to revoke that person's membership.




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