Soda Machine/Hacking

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Button Used to Menus

The bottons are as follows

  • 1st-Home
  • 2nd-Up
  • 3rd-Down
  • 4th-Enter

Free Vend

This will set the machine to free vend and will continue to track usage.

  1. Push red button on inside board
  2. Go to "PASS"
  3. Pres "Ent+4+2+3+1+Ent"
  4. Go to "Prlc"
  5. Go to "ALL"
  6. Adjust price to "0.00"
  7. Hit ENT
  8. Close Door

DEX (Data Exchange (UCS)Uniform Code Standard)

  • What is DEX
  • Schematics for connector link
  • Information Available via DEX (source
    • Machine out of order
    • Product dispensing failure
    • Product alarm level (insufficient inventory)
    • Payment system errors:
    • Jam in coin mechanism
    • Jam in billvalidator
    • Error in cashless reader
    • Refrigeration breakdown
    • Door open log
    • MDB errors
      • Vandalism (unauthorized entry)


Information from the Mfr.

Service bulletins, Package info, etc from Royal Vendors (possibly the manufacturer). Our machine is a GIII

Bill acceptor

It's a BA30B. This talks using MDB. pinout

* How to connect one to an arduino