Treasurer/Creating Annual Donation Receipt

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Here's how to generated a donation report for a member.

Special Cases

  1. In gnucash, open Expenses: Misc. make a note of all the members that received reimbursements from makers local. Make sure to subtract this amount from the amount they donated during the fiscal year.


  1. Open up the year's books in gnucash.
  2. Click Reports -> Income & Expense -> Cash Flow
  3. Click Edit -> Report Options
    1. Change the report name to something meaningful (like "Jeff Cotten Donation" )
    2. Change the start and end dates to encompass all of the fiscal year (ours is Jan-Dec)
    3. Select "Accounts" tab
      1. Select the member's account that you're writing a receipt for
    4. Select Apply

Reference Treasurer to find the receipt template. Copy the important information into the template and send it to the member.