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See Bylaws.




  • Collect Membership Dues
  • Pay Bills
  • Record transactions in Ledger
    • Pro Tips for recording in GNU Cash
      • Soda Machine Reimbursements Are recorded in the Misc Account. The person getting reimbursed is the description. The Coke Machine account is where the funds come from.
      • Makers Local eats the Fees for all money coming into the shop. If Members donate extra to help cover it, hooray. But the expense the shop pays on the transaction is better than processing physical cash\check. Record the amount donated minus the fee.
      • SquareCash donations go directly into the bank account. In GnuCash, record these donations as into the Redstone account. Also square cash donations aren't descriptive when logged into the bank account. Copy the amount of the transaction and search the treasurer email for it to find out what it was for.
      • When viewing donations to PaypalGivingFund, you have to click on "Activity" to see who donated this way. The default view is a roll-up view and has no information about the donor.
  • Mark member donations in Donations WebApp
  • Prepare Treasurer's report for Board meeting
    • GnuCash -> Reports -> Income & Expense -> Cash Flow. Click Options, select a 3 month date range, with the end month being the end of the previous month.
    • Using a calculator, subtract out to get the Members \ Misc Figures
    • Report should consist of, or include figures from the Ledger
    • Report should mention if we cannot make our next months immediate bills
    • Report should include a list of delinquent members


  • Mark pre-paid accounts as paid. You have to do this every 3 months because the donations web page will only show you three months at a time. Best to mark this in your personal calendar, as it's easy to forget, and some of our angel members don't care for our spam.


Action Items


See Action Items

Action Item Notes


  • Acquire Non-Profit Status
  • Obtain EIN from IRS
  • Obtain Makers Local 256 bank account
  • File for 501c3 Status



  • There is a script that will run every night and the results emailed the treasurer. The script will detail which users do not have a recorded donation over a three month span. The treasurer can compare this list against the users that donate for several months at a time, and set their donation as "Paid" on the donation web page.

GNUCASH Troubleshooting

  • You get an error about copy of gnucash being saved in a newer version of gnucash than the one you're using.
    • This error seems to be caused by opening a books file with dos line

endings on a linux system.

    • Solution: Run the clean scripts, or dox2unix program on the gnucash book


Changing Pledge Amounts

The Secretary maintains a document in the Zimbra briefcase containing the members and their pledge amounts. When a member notifies the Treasurer that their pledge amount has changed, email the Secretary and ask them to update the member's entry in the Zimbra document. Pledge amounts can be changed at any time, but only take effect for future donations (pledge amount changes are not retroactive).

Writing Receipts

  • Get Name, Address, Phone number, List and quantity of items
  • Use receipt template.odt
  • Fill out and print
  • Sign and scan it
  • Save the pdf in the Board Briefcase in Zimbra

Setup new Treasurer

  • Checkout books from subversion
  • If running linux,
    • sudo apt-get install libxml-smart-perl
      • This is needed for running script:
    • sudo apt-get install dos2unix
    • sudo apt-get install gnucash
  • Configure Gnucash
    • Edit -> Preferences
      • General
        • Files: Uncheck Compress Files
        • Retain log files: Never

Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays

it's recommended to do these in a short timeframe, while at the shop

  1. Remove any bills and donations from the donation box at the shop
  2. svn up the gnucache directory
    • If running on a linux machine, you will need to convert the gnucash books to unix format. Run the script: ./
  3. Add any bills and donations to gnucache
  4. If running on linux, run the clean script: ./
  5. svn commit gnucache directory
    1. This notifies the webmaster to do the following:
    2. svn up the gnucache directory on the webserver
    3. run for the current and past few months
    4. perform the needed add_user and mark as paid operations
  6. run for the current month and update the channel topic
    1. ./report 04 2012 | tee 2012.04.log

Tuesdays, Thursdays

  • Fill out bank deposit
  • Make bank deposit

First of the Month

  • Schedule rent payment (note, regions is setup to pay landlord automatically the first of every month)
  • Schedule waste away payment
    • Note: As of 7/14/2014, waste away trash pickups are on Mondays.
  • Schedule Knology payment

About the 25th

  • Utility bills are on autopay. the email address should receive an email when the amount has been deducted. reflect this in gnucash.

The day or so before the monthly meeting

  • run and update Treasurer Report section of meeting page


  • Amazon Associate
    • Login Name:
    • Use above to check balance. Note, if we are receiving this by check, there is a threshold of $100 before check is cut.
    • Setup Instructions: Amazon