Treasurer/Transition Checklist

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This page is a checklist of actions to perform when changing officers for the position of Treasurer.


  • Access: New treasurer needs admin access on donations webpage.
  • Access: New treasurer needs commit access on gnucash svn repository
  • Metal Key: Donation Box
  • Metal Key: Treasurer's Box
  • Metal Key: PO Box (this is a shared key)
  • Metal Key: Shop Door (new officer should coordinate with the Chair to see which ex-officio to get a key from.
  • Debit Card (Regions no longer provides this to us)
  • Debit Card PIN (See above note on Regions Card)
    • Change PIN number after transition. PIN changing machines typically available at Main branches only.
  • Password: Online Banking Account
    • Answers to Security Questions
  • Password: Huntsville Utilities Online
  • Bank Account
    • At least one person currently on the account needs to be present to add or remove people from the account. This can be done in person at the branch where the account was opened, or the form from the bank can be notarized and submitted.
  • Utilities Account
    • This is done by Faxing a list of the new authorized peoples to: 256-535-1344
    • The Commercial accounts telephone number is 256-532-1317, may want to call afterwards to make sure they got it processed.
  • Password: Amazon Associate


  • Treasurer's Folder
  • Financial Contacts (Example: Landlord. These are maintained in a tab in the googledoc)
  • List of people currently authorized on all accounts
    • Bank
    • Online Banking
    • Utilities
    • Googledoc
    • Debit Card holders (as of 12/09 only the Treasurer)
  • List of people currently authorized to write receipts
  • Dates bills should be paid
    • As of 12/09 the Landlord for 203 Brown St. is Paid by the 15th of Each Month. Check was typically issued via online banking on the 12th of Each month.
  • Remaining postal stamps


  • How to process income
  • How to Deposit checks
  • How to pay bills
    • electronically
    • with a checkbook
    • cashiers check
  • How to record financial transactions in the google doc
  • How to author receipt
  • How to record authored receipts
  • What materials are included in the Treasurer's Folder
  • Where to pickup bills\donations and US Mail
  • How to author Treasurer's Report
  • Review Action Items for future\uncompleted tasks (such as completing our IRS requirements)