USB Keylogger

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In the works
Born On:
22:40, 25 January 2012 (CST)
Last Updated:
00:07, 03 February 2012 (CDT)


This project is derived from Irongeek's homemade key logger he wrote a paper on. I will be changing the code and embedding the device inside of a keyboard.


  • Have acquired all needed parts.
  • Have wired/programmed teensy using Irongeek's code, it works just like his.
    • Started with Teensy++ 2.0, but for some reason his code only works on Teensy 2.0

Found the keyboard i will use

Its my deck 82 which i have replaced all the keys with new ones.

my deck 82

when i was replacing all the keys

I also kinda want to install this on to one of my razor black widows, however I think the deck would be cool given how much work i have already put into it(i de-soldered all 82 keys(4 solder joints per) and then re-soldered new ones(another 4 joints) so a totally of 656 solder joints.

ToDo list

  • Determine if its possible to pull the reset pin low by connecting to a digital i/o
    • This could be either direct connecting or via transistor pnp/npn depending on how it works.
  • Once I figure out the resetting, need to install onto the keyboard.
  • Continue work on software.


  • [1] Irongeek's original project