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Active/passive Development
Born On:
10:56, 25 January 2014 (CST)
Last Updated:
12:57, 01 February 2014 (CDT)


ctag owns a Kyosho Calmato model airplane. It was given to him many years ago by the grandparents of his friends, Daniel and Nathan. ctag has done passive maintenance on the plane and its accessories, but has never been able to start the engine (a .40 glow engine).

The current plan is to purchase and install a gasoline engine and test the control components.



The current engine is a Tower Hobbies .40 glow engine.



Wingspan: 1600mm / 63in



Parts List

May also need:

  • Transmitter
    • Spektrum?
  • Receiver
  • Servos
    • Futaba?
  • Batteries



  • Took plane to ML shop. Cleaned internals, setup fuel delivery system, and test-started the engine. Engine runs well.
  • There is an intermittent issue with the ailerons cutting out and not responding for a while...
  • More parts are needed for safe operation. They have been added to the parts list for purchase.
  • One of the wheels does not rotate freely, may cause a crash-on-landing.
  • More investigation needed to determine the best revision of fuel-system for Assisted RC purposes.
  • Learned that I may be able to salvage the old glow engine by soaking it in ether/carb cleaner from Praux.


Parts needed for engine replacement arrived from HorizonHobby! A test fit was carried out, and the new engine appears to work with the existing frame.

Parts list:


Moved the plane and all components from house in Madison to Nick's house in HSV. Began assessing work needed for flight-worthiness.