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About Me

IT guy by experience, CNC milling machine operator by circumstance. Known on IRC as sn0rlax, SwedishCreepes, or LordHighFixer, depending on how recently I've logged in and how many times my connection has dropped. Interested in computers (naturally), microcontrollers, radio, some light woodworking, and cooking. More information forthcoming; stay tuned.


Project Name Description Status
Arduino Intro Electronics and microcontroller programming: getting my feet wet Arduino Intro
Arduino Light Bar Versatile traffic advisor-style light bar using Arduino and RGB LEDs Arduino Light Bar
Eee PC Upgrade Boost the capabilities of a very portable little workhorse Eee PC Upgrade
Thin Client Server Turn a NeoWare thin client into a small standalone server Thin Client Server
SALUG Website Revamp Practice HTML markup and PHP programming SALUG Website Revamp
Learn Python Wrap my head around a popular and useful programming language Learn Python
Learn Crochet Make nifty things with yarn Learn Crochet
Learn Knitting Make nifty things with yarn in a different way Learn Knitting
Sabalo A little something fun Pipe dream