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Using Non-Profit to Raise Money

I'm starting this page so that we can figure out how to use our Non-Profit status to get money for the shop.


  1. Company Grants
    • Some companies may offer special grants that only their employees can apply for on behalf of a 501c3 or NonProfit
    • Northrop Grumman Community Service Grant
      • Requests for applicants are sent out in Early June
      • Applicants have until June 30th to Apply
      • Recipients are notified by August 31st
      • Employees that contribute more than 40 hours a year to a 501c3 may apply
      • Contact: Lindsay Diles lindsay.diles@ngc.com (703) 345-8698
  2. Sponsorship
    • Give a company something for their donation.
    • Use the far wall where the light table is, as a place to display sponsorships.
    • If we had a consistent schedule of things going on, we could figure out a hard number of people would see a sponsorship.
  3. Asking for Money
    • We need to come up with a standard form, so that we can send it to like everyone asking for money.

Receipt Info

[[Policies\Financial_Policies\Receipt_Policy]] <- link is way weird
sample receipt made by Preauxphoto