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We need income/Non Profit


Click above link for official moneyness (vs. proposed moneyness). Not necessarily committed to using googledocs for accounting, but good for now.

Fund Raising

  • Throw party. Charge at the door. Raise Roof... er... rent money.
  • TBE Picnic Currently only 2009, might be able to do it more frequently
  • Big Spring Jam Need to get the ball rolling on this one too
  • Maker Theater Take over a dollar movie theater, split the door

Business Ideas

  1. Start for-profit "cover" business that rents out a place, but only uses a small portion of it. The rest is used for the Make Shop.
    1. Coffee shop
      • Coffee-serving robot
      • Bring/brew your own coffee in the shop.
        • Have standard coffee around for free use in case no one brings anything.
          • #include <stdbeans.h> --jmcarthur 11:39, 28 March 2007 (CDT)
      • Elaborate Rube Goldberg machine
      • Open 24x7
        • Caters better to our high-wakefulness customers.
    2. CoLo place
    3.  ! a Coffee Shop
      • Serves caffeinated beverages other than coffee.
        • Huntsville might have enough coffee shops already.
        • Strages knows a lot about such beverages.
      • Vending machines instead of people.
        • No reason why we can't have a robot serving Jolt!
        • No one has to be there all the time.
          • ie. we don't have to pay someone.
      • Open 24x7
        • Caters better to our high-wakefulness customers.
    4. Run a fab lab
      • Options for fabrication machines
        • Reprap
          • Cheap
          • Can't do certain shapes or models
        • Stereo Lithography
          • Any shape you want
          • May be slightly more expensive
        • Three fab machines would be nice so that we can have multiple parts building at a time
        • Fab machines that are not in use could be utilized by the group, or one could be dedicated to the group and be pulled into use if necessary
        • Homemade CNC machines/mill
    5. Multi-Touch Displays
      • If we can actually get a Multitouch screen working to show off, local businesses would probably pay good money for them.
    6. Photobooth rental
      • Wedding receptions
      • Birthday parties
      • Outdoor events
    7. PartsIsParts
      • Old parts, scavenged from donated or yard-sale-price bought items, disassembled and sorted
      • Gears, motors, casings, brackets, lasers, belts---anything that can be useful to a maker is taken out and organized.
      • JavanCo in Nashville is like this on a larger scale---old hardware bought at auction, catagorized and sold at markup.
      • Could offer a few dollars for old equipment (though no hazardous stuff), then disassemble it and sell the bits, like Wall Street corporations. Would be something for Conrad to do if he's bored. :) Markups could be 10-20 times easy.
      • Scrap metal can be taken periodically to the recycler on Triana.
    8. Sell Support and/or Kits For Projects
      • Projects in full operation could make and sell kits of their projects to people interested in rebuilding their project and provide support services.
  2. SBA/Grant
    • Links to Grants and other info about SBA loans.
  3. Patents
    • Everyone would need to check if their institution (UAH, Northrup Grumman, Digium) owns the rights to any patents their employee wins. Some companies do this. It's ass, but it would need to be addressed.


    • Need to divide deposits across 12 months to get disposable income.
      • For example, ($650 / 12) + $650 ~ $704 / mo for first year.
      • $850 - $704 = $146 for all other expenses
  • Utilities (Electric and Gas) (need to talk to Hunts. Utilities about commercial security deposit amt)
  • Internet $62/mo
  • Liability Insurance (if needed) (should talk to Allstate about this)


See Accounting Link Above


  • Huntsville Utilities: 256-535-1317
  • Deposit amount is $300
    • Can this be waived / decreased if current utilities customer co-signs?



  • talked to Kelly at 601-982-1187 ext 1262344
  • $250 installation fee
    • Installation fee is waived if we do a 2-3 year contract
      • If we close our organization or move to a new location that they can't support, we are not obligated to fufill the contract
    • $59/mo
  • 6MB Down, 768kb UP
  • Comes with 1 TV outlet activated for free basic cable
  • If we need to contact Comcast for technical help (including changing MAC addresses) call: 1-800-316-1619
  • The bill for this is being sent to the Treasurer's (jeff) house.


  • Talked to Marie at 256-489-6419
  • $61.95 /mo for commercial
    • 384k up, 6MB down
    • $99 installation fee
  • alternatively, $91.95 /mo for commercial
    • 768kb up, 9MB down


  • Colo Only
    • $200 setup bandwidth
    • $200 setup colo provisioning
    • $25 per U per month at ~4U a month
    • One Plan
      • $995 per 5mbit, $320 per mbit burst over, 10mbit
    • Another Plan
      • $166 per mbit up to and over 10mbit
  • On site setup
    • Same bandwidth plans
    • $1700 per month for local loop
    • don't know about setup fees


AIG: NewTek

  • Called AIG, they sent me to their broker, NewTek
  • NewTek said they would be calling back within 2 business days Omegix 16:23, 29 April 2008 (CDT)


  • Talked to Jennifer at 536-5555
  • $500 / Year
  • $500 Deductible
  • $20,000 coverage for damage / theft / other renter risks
  • $2,000,000 coverage for liability (conrad cuts his hand off / JimShoe cuts Sara's foot off / etc)

Laura's Guy

State Farm

  • Contacted at 533-6868


  • Contacted Ashley at (256) 885-1884, awaiting return phone call to give them details on what we need
    • quoted them $5-$7k worth of stuff, and $1-$2M dollar liability.
    • Farmers requested (and was sent) our budget. They needed a 12 forecast for their calculations.
      • I really hope they beat Allstate's offer, Allstate didn't require any of this stuff to give us a quote.
  • Farmers offered a $1M liability coverage for $700 / year
    • This would include anything like theft of property as well
    • Farmers took forever getting us this quote. If it took them this long to get our business, how long will it take them keeping it?

Charity Aspect

Filing with the State

  • File with the State HERE, ASAP
  • SOA Non-Profit Incorporation
  • Once Incorporated (accomplished 4-29-08) we must file form BPT-IN within 2.5 months of incorporating.
    • Called the Business Privilege Tax office in Montgomery (334-353-7923) and confirmed that Non-Profit corporations do NOT have to file this form. Omegix 09:36, 1 May 2008 (CDT)

Filing with the Federal Government


  • Need to file Form 1023
  • Emphasize Education as Goal
  • We have 30 months to do this, as per Corydon
  • Should have 4 years of Budget
  • Anyone willing to fill out Part IV of Form 1023?
  • Must appoint officers (pres, vp, sec, treas) for Part V of 1023
  • 501c3 Supplementary